Music Teachingmelanie_jones_05

Melanie offers lessons in:

  • Cello (beginner to advanced)
  • Piano (beginner to Grade 5/6)
  • Violin (beginner to Grade 3)
  • Music Theory (beginner to ABRSM Grade 5)
  • Chamber Music
  • Solfege (singing using Doh, Re, Mi, and so on)
  • Dalcroze Eurhythmics (gaining an understanding of music through movement)
  • Colourstrings Method available to Cello students

Music Lessons

Melanie is always interested to teach pupils who wish to have instruction in any of the above instruments/subjects, and learn more about the musical language. Pupils of all ages from four years old are welcome, and can be prepared for exams and public performances if desired. She ensures that all pupils are able to progress both musically and technically in order for their learning to be consistent and their music-making fulfilling. Currently Melanie is mobile in the Tain area and also teaches online using Skype.

Melanie is keen to tailor her teaching to suit the needs of each individual pupil in order to bring out the best in every pupil. She takes the well being, learning and safety of all her pupils seriously. Melanie is a member of the Musicians Union which provides Melanie with insurance cover as a professional player and teacher.

Teaching Philosophy

Being an educator as well as a performer, I believe in providing equal opportunities for all pupils. I also believe that each pupil should be treated as an individual so that a stable teacher/pupil dialogue is present. This allows smoother and more satisfying progress and for the pupil to reach a higher level of playing earlier.

A teacher should be a source of inspiration, therefore I teach in such a way that is structured and demanding but also encouraging and fun. I enjoy giving lessons that are balanced, in which I aim to further develop the pupil’s technical skills while stimulating their creativity. It is also important to allow the student to learn at their own pace, to develop the best understanding possible of the musical language.

After receiving a lot of education in the Alexander Technique while a student, I am keen to ensure each pupil understands and is able to maintain good posture while playing. In doing this they understand how to use their body methodically and efficiently to gain greater control of the instrument. As a result of my education in Musicianship, I incorporate Solfege (singing/ear training) and Dalcroze Eurhythmics (movement) into lessons too. These methods and approaches all greatly influenced my own learning, playing skills, confidence and performance presence, by deepening my own understanding of the music I was playing.

Experience (current jobs/roles)

  • University of Liverpool, School of Music: Teacher in Cello (online)
  • Professional Performance: Solo, Chamber, and Orchestral
  • Private Tutoring (Tain, Invergordon, Alness, near Inverness): Cello, Piano, Violin, Musicianship, Music Theory, & Chamber Music

Former Employment/Roles

  • Bowdoin International Music Fesitval, Maine (USA) 2005: Teaching assistant to Peter Howard
  • San Francisco Conservatory (USA) 2005 – 2008: CIS Teaching Program (Cello and Chamber Music)
  • Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra, California (USA) 2006: Chamber Group Coach (Summer Festival)
  • San Franciso Conservatory (USA) 2006 – 2008: Community Music Program /External Performances
  • California State University East Bay (USA) 2007-2008: Cello & Bass Coach
  • Pacific Musical Society, California (USA) 2008: Preliminary Phase Judge for Competition (Strings)
  • Golden Gate Philharmonic Music School, San Francisco (USA) 2008: Chamber Music Coach
  • Private Tutor in Cello, San Francisco (USA) 2005 – 2008: One to one lessons and group lessons
  • Vibo Music Center, San Francisco (USA) 2008: Teacher in Cello
  • Mossley Hollins High School (UK) 2010 – 2011: String Ensemble Director & Cello/Violin Teacher
  • East Crompton Saint James School (UK) 2010: Teacher of Cello
  • All Saints Micklehurst School (UK) 2010 – 2011: Teacher of Strings, Solfege, and Dalcroze Eurhythmics
  • St. Raphael’s School, Tameside (UK) 2010 – 2011: Teacher of Cello, Piano and Violin
  • Sheffield Music Academy, 2008 – 2013: Teacher of Cello, Piano, Chamber Music & Theory