Hannah, piano student – “I find the lessons over Skype really productive and also calming because I’m at home at my own piano and don’t have to travel anywhere. I watch Melanie playing her piano on the laptop screen and she watches me on her screen. It is fun.”

Ruby, cello student – “It’s great fun in playing in the comfort of your own house, not having to lug a cello anywhere. It’s really easy to talk to Melanie even though she is so far away, and even though I’m watching a screen I can still see and hear what she is demonstrating.”

James, Master’s cello student, University of Liverpool – “Melanie is an excellent and very supportive teacher, sensitively treating all her pupils as individuals with individual needs. Her particular strengths are in recognising different atmospheres in the music, and helping students to play with ease and comfort, from which I have benefited enormously.”

Tom, cello student – “Since learning with Melanie I have improved in things like posture, shifts and positions, and making a big sound. What i enjoy most is playing duets because i can listen to Melanie playing her part which helps me to understand how it all fits together. Also I like the fact that lessons are fun.”

Text message: “Hi Melanie, this is to let you know that Chethams have offered me a place. I want to say thank you because if it wasn’t for you I don’t think I would have got in” :-)

Beth, Bachelor’s cello student, University of Liverpool – “Thank you so much for all your help this year, I really feel I have improved drastically.”

Katy – “Melanie taught my son cello when she was in Mossley. She’s a wonderful teacher – highly recommended!”

Christina, piano student – “Melanie is currently teaching me the piano and my husband the cello. We are beginners and we were very nervous to start this new venture but Melanie has been beyond marvellous! She’s so patient and friendly. She works hard to make sure we enjoy the lessons and don’t get overwhelmed. I would encourage anyone that always wanted to learn but thinks you are past it… give Melanie a phone!”

Stuart – “As a dad, it is convenient having lessons online as there’s none of the travel time and day in a freezing cold car waiting. I can do jobs round the house while the kids do their lessons. They are also doing lessons on their own kit which, if you know anything about pianos, makes a difference.”

Phillida, cello student – “Thank you so much for all the help and encouragement you have given me.”

Joanna, piano student – “I just wanted to say thank you for the piano lessons! I would never have gotten this far without you so thank you again!”

Cameron, piano student – “Thank you for being a great piano teacher! Love from Cameron”

John, cello student – “Melanie is the kind of teacher who makes learning to play the Cello rewarding and fun. Her teaching skills and her personality give her the ability to adapt her teaching style to suit her students individual learning needs. All in all Melanie is a fantastic teacher and a lovely, understanding and inspirational person.”

Charlotte and George (siblings), piano students – “Thank you for being our amazing piano teacher!”

Cassy and Rosa (siblings), piano students – “Thank you for teaching us the piano. You’re the loveliest!”

John (parent) – “I highly recommend Melanie Jones. Melanie combines her own excellent professional musicianiship with an enthusiasm for teaching and a progressive approach to working to the strengths and needs of individual children. We are very grateful for your teaching.”